Commercial liferafts range from throw over, Davit launched or Open reversible

Commercial rafts

Commercial liferafts range in type and pack variety. Below you will find the different types depending what type of vessel you have and the distance offshore you are coded for. We sell various makes and they range from £1,800 - £3,900 for a 25 man as an example.


ISO Rafts

These rafts are explained in detail or the ISO Liferaft page. Put simply they are the prefered choice for MCA coded vessels operating upto 60 Miles from a safe haven or CAT 2 coded. They can be used upto 150 miles from a safe haven or CAT 1 in some cases but are required to have a SOLAS A pack.

SOLAS Throw over

These come in two packs. SOLAS A and SOLAS B. This normaly depends on the distance sailing or type of vessel. Your surveyor will give you information on which is required. These type of rafts can be supplied in a flat or rectangular container up to a 16 man raft rather than the cylindrical version. These rafts have the full inflatable arch.

SOLAS Davit launch

These are designed to inflate on the side of a ship, be loaded and then lowered into the water. They too have the inflatable arch but are built to a different standard to to the pre launched weight inside the raft

Open reversible

These tend to be used on ferries. These have no arch and as their name suggests, can be inflated either way up. These are quick to load and are not normally used for ocean going vessels.

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